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Rachel Grubb and Brooke Lemke Choose a ‘Safe Word’

Indie film darlings Rachel Grubb and Brooke Lemke have a twisted new project planned, but this time they’re taking it to the Internet. Lemke and Grubb are producing a 12-episode webseries called Safe Word. Lemke will be directing this “dark and revealing taboo-laden story about a man with a secret, and the lengths he will [...]

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Brooke Lemke—Discovering new limits

It’s understatement to say Brooke Lemke is a busy lady. She just finished starring as the demented Paige in director Rachel Grubb’s Why Am I in a Box? as well as directing two wonderful short films of her own, Young Eyes and A Broken Family. Last month, I interviewed Rachel, who is also Brooke’s partner [...]

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Rachel Grubb—Can’t wait to work

I last spoke with actress/writer/director Rachel Grubb about a year ago. At that point, she’d just formed a female-centric production company, Silent-But-Deadly Productions, with her friend Brooke Lemke. She had also started work on a project titled Why Am I in a Box? In honor of Women in Horror Recognition Month, I recently checked in [...]

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Why Am I in a Box?

One of the most mistaken assumptions is that artists have it easy. Sure, it sounds awesome. You get to sit around in your pajamas all day, chasing your muse and watching or reading whatever catches your attention, all in the name of “research.” But then you have to actually do the work. You have to [...]

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