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For Your Halloween Viewing Pleasure

Happy Halloween! I know it’s a bit of a drag to have Halloween fall on a Sunday, but I hope you manage to enjoy it anyway. I’m sure you probably partied hard last night, as well you should’ve. And now you’re slumped over on the couch, unable to put a lot of effort into figuring out [...]

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Basil Gogos—A (wolf) man among men

During my formative years, there were several individuals working in horror who are responsible for shaping my sensibilities: Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, James Whale, Forrest J. Ackerman, Roger Corman—just to name a very few. They all played their part in creating my world and determining my tastes, thereby making me the person I am. But Basil [...]

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Submitted for Your Approval—10 of my favorite horror movies

As we all know, “Top 10” movie lists are a sham. Nobody can definitively say what the best movie is, let alone the 10 best. Art is subjective. It’s all a matter of opinion; one man’s Citizen Kane is another man’s Slaughtered. But actually, these movie lists are good for a couple of things. First, [...]

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Bloodsucking Freaks

I’m willing to bet most people had never heard the term “grindhouse” until not long ago, let alone seen a true grindhouse film.  But thanks to the recent efforts of a pair of quite popular film directors, it’s now hard to go more than a couple of days without hearing some hipster drop the phrase [...]

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