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On Set With McT & A and Friends

Both good sense and the laws of nature were ignored recently when scream queens Michelle Tomlinson and Kimberly Amato engaged in a veritable marathon of filmmaking. Over the course of a mind-numbing four days, McT & A managed to film three separate projects, from start to finish. You read correctly: three complete projects in four [...]

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Let’s Raise a Glass and Share a Christmas Post

Merry Christmas and Happys Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, or whatever it is you celebrate as an excuse to get free stuff! We here at Slammed & Damned are hoping you’re having a wonderful holiday. So far, my Christmas has been oh so merry. Among the gifts under the tree were a couple of extremely cool horror-related [...]

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Doing Time With Rolfe Kanefsky #0

Filmmaker Rolfe Kanefsky is a survivor. Since making his first feature at 20 years old in 1989, he has worked his way through the labyrinthine mazes of Hollywood, writing and directing 15 of his own films and penning several more for others to lens. Not content with that, he’s recently started producing projects for himself [...]

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