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‘Dead Hooker in a Trunk’ Breaks Out

Canadian filmmaking force Jen and Sylvia Soska have taken the next step in their bid for world domination and, personally, I’m surprised it took this long. It was announced yesterday that the Soska twins’ killer opening salvo, Dead Hooker in a Trunk, would receive a special limited theatrical release across the U.S. and Canada courtesy [...]

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CJ Wallis—Canada’s best kept secret weapon

Some people are just so talented that it really isn’t fair. CJ Wallis is one of those people. You probably haven’t heard of him, but Wallis is an enormously gifted director, actor, cinematographer, producer, editor, writer and musician. And to top it all off, I have it on good authority from a certain female FanGirlTastic [...]

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Public Service Announcement—And American Mary Is…

It’s time for the big reveal, my friends. As promised, embedded below is Jen and Sylvia Soska’s new PSA for the Massive Blood Drive. And embedded within this video is the actress they’ve chosen to star in American Mary, their sure-to-be-shocking follow-up to last year’s absolutely-was-shocking Dead Hooker in a Trunk. After a grueling search [...]

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Jen and Sylvia Soska Are Bloody Teases

As we all know, it’s time for Women in Horror Recognition Month. And two very special women in horror have a very special announcement to make. Those crazy Canadians lovingly known as the Twisted Twins — Jen and Sylvia Soska, on their birth certificates — are releasing another PSA for their favorite cause, the Massive [...]

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