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Incredibly Resilient — A Chat with Tara Cardinal

Tara Cardinal is a Renaissance woman in every sense of the word. Actress, model, writer, director, producer, stunt person, wrestler — she’s done a bit of everything. And her latest film, The Legend of the Red Reaper, allows her to prove it. In Red Reaper, Cardinal plays the title character, a warrior witch who’s deadly [...]

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Stallone and Cage Hit New Orleans

Poor New Orleans. Seven years after being hit by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Crescent City is doing battle with what look to be two new calamities: the upcoming movies from Nicolas Cage and Sylvester Stallone. An odd twist of fate finds Stallone’s Bullet to the Head and Cage’s Stolen both set in the Big [...]

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Not What it Seems — ‘Death and Cremation’

Labels are funny things. Just because something — say, a movie — can be categorized one way doesn’t necessarily mean that’s exactly what it is. As an example, I offer Death and Cremation, a 2010 film from director Justin Steele. Judged on a simple synopsis, Death and Cremation is a thriller. Brad Dourif plays Stanley, [...]

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New Jersey-based E.I. Independent Cinema (as distributed by Alternative Cinema) is one of the most ambitious production companies around. And God love ‘em for it. They have their hand in almost every type of genre/exploitation film imaginable: thrillers, softcore, erotic classics from the ‘60s and ‘70s, crazy cult fare and, of course, horror. Shock-O-Rama, the [...]

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