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Let’s Play Catch-up—Three short summer reviews

As you’ve no doubt noticed, I’ve been on a bit of a summer schedule lately. Yes, I’ve been working and writing, but I’ve also been trying to build in a little laziness as well. (Wait, does it count as laziness if you schedule it?) Also, I’ve seen a couple of flicks (some horror, some not) [...]

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In Honor of President’s Day, an Update

I hope you’re enjoying your President’s Day. Yes, it’s that wonderful holiday where we celebrate…umm…the president? Is that right? I mean, he’s the president. He has the most important job in the world. Isn’t that enough? He needs a day as well? Anyway, I was going to do a couple of “presidential horror” jokes but, [...]

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Basil Gogos—A (wolf) man among men

During my formative years, there were several individuals working in horror who are responsible for shaping my sensibilities: Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, James Whale, Forrest J. Ackerman, Roger Corman—just to name a very few. They all played their part in creating my world and determining my tastes, thereby making me the person I am. But Basil [...]

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