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Peter Graves—Mission completed

It is with sadness I relate that actor Peter Graves has died of a heart attack. He was 83. This is been a rough week. First Corey Haim dies, now this. Besides sharing a fame that had passed, these two actors had another thing in common: While they were best known for other roles, they [...]

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George’s Intervention

Everyone knows horror is cyclical. We latch onto one monster, wring all we can out of it and move on to the next. These days, it’s vampires—Asian vampire priests, sexy Southern vampires, brooding teen vampires. Just a couple of years ago, it was zombies—slow zombies, fast zombies, droll British zombies. One could say vampires are [...]

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Reyna Young—Making it up as she goes

You never know what you can do until you try. And if you don’t believe it, allow me to introduce you to one Ms. Reyna Young. Once upon a time, Reyna decided she wanted to be a filmmaker, so she started a production company and she made a film. And then she made another…and another…and…well, [...]

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In the Wall

It’s hard to make a movie. It’s harder to make a good movie―one with interesting characters and an involving story.  And it’s harder still to achieve all of this in a movie with a twenty-minute running time.  But that’s exactly what writer/director Mike Williamson has done with his horrific short film, In the Wall.  It’s one of [...]

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