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Another ‘Twilight Zone’ Reboot Is Headed to Your TV

Director Bryan Singer has signed a deal to develop, produce and maybe even direct a new television version of The Twilight Zone, not to be confused with Matt Reeves’ proposed big-screen adaptation of Rod Serling’s venerable classic weird anthology series.

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Lia Scott Price — A More Psychotic Level

One of the hottest new trends in horror finds noted authors adapting their books to the medium of comics. Best-sellers like Stephen King, Clive Barker and Laurell K. Hamilton have all seen their work transformed into four-color fear. But the fun isn’t strictly limited to household names. The latest writer to see her scary stories get the [...]

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Halloween Memories: Devi Snively

A conversation with filmmaker Devi Snively is its own beast. It whips around wildly, to and fro, from subject to subject, like a snake whose head has been detached. But unlike that poor snake, there’s always a keen intelligence at play. During a typical chat, myriad eclectic references — from politics and literature to microbiology, [...]

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‘Femme Fatales’ to Appear on Cinemax—Really?

Tonight — yes, Friday the 13th — a new show is premiering on Cinemax, that fine purveyor of inspirational After Dark programming such as Zane’s Sex Chronicles and Co-Ed Confidential 4Play. This new series is called Femme Fatales and I don’t know if it will be any good, but it just might be better than it needs to [...]

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