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Scooby Slash — Saturday Morning Massacre

Drawing inspiration from Scooby-Doo, Ghost Hunters and scary movies of the ’70s and ’80s, Saturday Morning Massacre is a horror parody that’s equal parts frightening and funny. Made with affection and a knowing eye, this sly film is for anyone who ever wanted to see how the meddling members of Mystery Inc. would fare if [...]

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Tobe Hooper (Hopefully) Returns with ‘Djinn’

It’s fair to say Tobe Hooper has been off the grid lately. The famed director of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre hasn’t delivered a feature film since 2005’s Mortuary, an ‘80s throwback that had its charms, but was uneven at best. Now, Hooper is back with Djinn, a somewhat controversial movie that manages the thorny [...]

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Motel Hell

I just finished watching the wonderful 1980 horror flick Motel Hell and it got me thinking. Now, I doubt this is the reaction the filmmakers were looking for when they made this witty little treat, and it’s definitely not the reaction I had when I saw it originally as a teenager. But as one ages [...]

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As a writer that covers the horror beat, I am woefully uneducated about the adventures of America’s legendary psycho killer, Ed Gein. Sure, I know the basics: he lived with his mom; he dug her up after she died; he dug up other corpses and killed people, repurposing their skin and bones. I also know [...]

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