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Halloween Memories: Heidi Honeycutt

Planet Fury’s Halloween Memories series has focused on our favorite women currently working in the horror and genre arena. So, of course, we couldn’t end without talking to the woman dearest to Planet Fury’s bloody heart: our very own editor-in-chief, Heidi Honeycutt. Though she works mainly as a journalist these days, Heidi has been kicking [...]

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A Trashy Halloween Orgy

If you’re anywhere near Sacramento, CA, on All Hallows Eve, go check out the party being thrown by Slammed & Damned’s favorite monsters, Trash Film Orgy. It’s time for their annual Halloween bash, and this year the theme is Vampires vs. Werewolves. Join TFO for an unforgettable evening of shocking mayhem and madness as they [...]

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