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The Anti-Rom-Com — Silver Linings Playbook

A romantic comedy seems like an odd choice for director David O. Russell, a man who loves his rage and dysfunction. But Silver Linings Playbook is not your standard rom-com. Though it traffics in screwball set pieces and loopily works its way to the inevitable happy ending, there’s not a single character here that’s not [...]

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The ‘Ted’ Trailers: Better Late than Never?

I try to keep up with the trailers for all the upcoming movies I think you might be interested in, and I usually do a pretty good job. But it can be a bit overwhelming at times — especially in the summer months, when studios are releasing as many films as possible in an effort [...]

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‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ Has a Director…Again

Just in from the “Here We Go Again” desk, Lionsgate’s planned adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has another new director. Craig Gillespie, director of the upcoming Fright Night remake, will now take the reins of Grahame-Smith’s mixture of the walking dead and Jane Austen’s classic novel. Gillespie is this project’s third [...]

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