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Will The CW’s Green Arrow Series Hit the Mark?

The CW is headed back to the comics. Once the home of Superman series Smallville, The CW is revisiting DC’s roster for Arrow, based on the crime-fighting archer Green Arrow. Why the “Green” was dropped, I don’t know. Maybe it didn’t test well. Though both shows share a network, Arrow is said to be completely [...]

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Is ‘Birdemic: Shock and Terror’ the Next ‘Paranormal Activity’?

I see in The New York Times that there’s another low-budget sleeper making the rounds, people. I’m sure you remember last year’s Paranormal Activity, which came out of nowhere to become one of the more profitable flicks in recent memory. Made by first-time filmmaker Oren Peli over seven days for a reported $15,000, Paranormal Activity [...]

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The Innocents

Maybe the best gothic horror film ever made.

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