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With ‘Hemlock Grove,’ Eli Roth Comes to TV…Sort Of

Having solidified his hold on the big screen, Eli Roth is now bringing his particular talents to the small screen known as your computer monitor, thanks to your good friends at Netflix. Roth will be producing and directing the hour-long 13-episode horror series Hemlock Grove, based on the forthcoming gothic horror novel by Brian McGreevy. [...]

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Netflix Who?

You know who Netflix is, right? Sure you do. They’re that company that gives you a reason to check your mail every once in a while. But guess what — that’s not who they are at all. According to CEO Reed Hastings, Netflix is, in fact, “a streaming company, which also offers DVDs-by-mail.” Oh, and if [...]

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Netflix Continues (Movie) World Domination

The herd mentality is alive and well in Hollywood, as demonstrated by the recent news that Netflix continues in its bid to hijack new releases. As I noted in January, Netflix made a deal with Warner Brothers to implement a 28-day shipping delay for new WB releases in exchange for better prices and increased access [...]

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Netflix—The horror!

Here’s a recent news item that doesn’t apply exclusively to horror fans, but we are definitely affected. I don’t know if you heard, but a few weeks ago Netflix made a somewhat controversial deal with Warner Brothers. Netflix has agreed to not ship new Warner Brothers DVDs for 28 days after their release date. For [...]

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