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Steven Soderbergh Goes ‘Behind the Candelabra’

For those too young to remember, once upon a time in a magical land known as “the Fifties,” there lived a pianist known as Liberace. Liberace was quite a popular entertainer, especially with the ladies, which was odd because he was often referred to in hushed tones as “flamboyant.” That was code for, well, you [...]

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Ladies, Get Those Dollars Ready for the ‘Magic Mike’ Trailer

Here it is, the trailer for Magic Mike, Steven Soderbergh’s sure-to-be-arty dramedy about a sensitive guy who…aw, screw it… it’s the Channing Tatum stripper movie! But let us not reduce it to that simplistic, one-dimensional description. It’s also the Matthew McConaughey stripper movie and the Matt Bomer stripper movie and the Joe Manganiello stripper movie [...]

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