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A Wild, Wild Ride — Planet of the Vampire Women

The folks at Trash Film Orgy, that fine purveyor of micro-budget exploitation fare such as Cheerleaders From Hell and Monster From Bikini Beach, have returned to the screen with Planet of the Vampire Women, their latest piece of campy craziness. Planet of the Vampire Women is a veritable effects extravaganza, and though it doesn’t work [...]

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Stephanie Hyden—Ready for anything

We’re back with another piece in our series on Trash Film Orgy’s upcoming flick, Planet of the Vampire Women. Today, the focus is on a glamorous young actress and comedian named Stephanie Hyden. Stephanie has been involved with TFO, on both stage and screen, over the last few years, but she’s had showbiz dreams since [...]

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Jawara Duncan—Making movies and telling stories

It’s time for another look at the cast of Trash Film Orgy’s upcoming horror spectacular, Planet of the Vampire Women. A couple of months ago, Slammed & Damned spoke with the lovely lunatic Liesel Hanson. Today, the subject is Jawara Duncan, master of stage, screen and video games—yes, Jawara is the living definition of Renaissance man. [...]

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Cheerleaders From Hell

Those wild, wonderful weirdos at Trash Film Orgy have done it again. Following their feature Monster From Bikini Beach, TFO decided to make a short film for their Trash Film Orgy Spring Break Show 2008. What they came up with is the superb 19-minute flick Cheerleaders From Hell. Poor little Penny. It’s bad enough being [...]

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