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Euro-Zombie — The Lords of Salem

“What the hell, Rob Zombie?” That was the question verbalized by more than one audience member during the recent SXSW screening of The Lords of Salem, Zombie’s latest flick. Certain artists find themselves stuck with, and perhaps weighed down by, the expectations of their fans. Rob Zombie is such an artist. After moving from music [...]

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2001: Beyond the Infinite – The Making of a Masterpiece (UPDATED)

When talking about 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick described what is perhaps his greatest film as “basically a visual, nonverbal experience [that] hits the viewer at an inner level of consciousness, just as music does, or painting.” When critics, cineastes and hardcore sci-fi geeks discuss it, they usually refer to 2001 as one of the best, [...]

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Those Soskas—American Mary cuts to the bone

Jen and Sylvia Soska, the filmmaking sisters that gave us the grindhouse classic Dead Hooker in a Trunk, are prepping their second feature, American Mary, which is set to shoot this summer. To get everyone excited about their new film, the Soskas are releasing a teaser trailer on December 11, which just happens to be [...]

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Let’s Play Catch-up—Three short summer reviews

As you’ve no doubt noticed, I’ve been on a bit of a summer schedule lately. Yes, I’ve been working and writing, but I’ve also been trying to build in a little laziness as well. (Wait, does it count as laziness if you schedule it?) Also, I’ve seen a couple of flicks (some horror, some not) [...]

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