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Now Playing at the House of Grind—Horrors of Spider Island

Welcome to Slammed & Damned’s periodically irregular, occasionally infrequent, sporadically intermittent, randomly occurring new feature called “Now Playing at the House of Grind.” Just so you know, the House of Grind is neither a burlesque house nor a coffee house—but if all goes well it should provide a jolt. No, the house I’m referring to [...]

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Brain Damage Films distributes all kinds of horror films―some good, some not so good.  I just finished watching its 2008 offering, Slaughtered, the latest movie from writer/director Anthony Doublin, and I just have to ask, “Brain Damage, what were you thinking?” Slaughtered has a solid-enough premise: A photographer for one of those “naked dead girl” [...]

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B Movies—A primer

A history of B movies from their origin to the current day.

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