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Cap Is Back in Action

It’s official: Captain America has returned to duty! Production began yesterday on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, starring Chris Evans as everyone’s favorite star-spangled superhero. And to prove it, Marvel Studios has released the first production still! Granted, it’s not the most thrilling shot in the world.

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Crap, Camp or Both? The Trailer for ‘The Girl’

As you might know, there are two upcoming movies that take a peek behind the scenes of famous Alfred Hitchcock flicks. One is called Hitchcock and one is called The Girl. And having seen the trailer for The Girl, I can safely that of the two, it’s probably the film most likely to make you [...]

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Jessica Biel Slithers into ‘The Wolverine’ (UPDATED)

Taking a cue from Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel is accepting a role as a second-tier female character in a flick based on a first-tier male Marvel comic book superhero. Welcome to the 21st century moviemaking paradigm, Ms. Biel! We’ve been expecting you. According to Deadline, Biel has joined the cast of The Wolverine to play [...]

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Presenting Hopkins as Hitchcock

For those of you tuning in late, let it be known that Hollywood is in the grips of an Alfred Hitchcock epidemic, which finds films about the master of suspense, as well as remakes of his work, gathering and attacking studios like the violent, crazed birds from Hitch’s 1963 classic, The Birds…which, fittingly, is one [...]

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