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Heavy Metal Halloween—TFO-style

We’ll be returning to our back-to-basics examination of those wonderful, classic Universal Studios horror flicks in a day or so (up next: The Invisible Man), but right now, I want to take a minute to do you a favor and hip you to a Halloween bash that will not be ignored. Trust me, if you’re [...]

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A 10-Year Orgy—One decade of TFO

When it all began so many years ago, no one would’ve dared to believe that the Trash Film Orgy’s particular brand of lunacy could last a decade. But, here we are, 10 years later and Sacramento’s TFO rages on, stronger and crazier than ever. What began as a low-budget cable access TV show has developed [...]

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At Home With Trash Film Orgy—Darin Wood, Christy Savage and Amy Slockbower

Hollywood is well known as the seat of the movie industry, but travel a few hundred miles north and you’ll find another community of California filmmakers—one that is doing delightfully aberrant things. The Sacramento-based cult film collective known as Trash Film Orgy has grown quite a bit in the past decade. With roots in cable [...]

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