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Doing Time With Rolfe Kanefsky #4

Our time with filmmaker Rolfe Kanefsky is drawing to a close. In this, the penultimate installment of our interview, we dig a little deeper into the business end of the movies. You’ll read real-life horror stories about making horror movies and you’ll find out about Rolfe’s serendipitous brush with the fetish community. Never one to [...]

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Doing Time With Rolfe Kanefsky #2

There’s Nothing Out There was your calling card in a way. It got you in the door. Once you got in the door, what did you do next? Tomorrow By Midnight came a few years later. What did you do in the meantime? Well, while we were finishing Nothing, I went back to Hampshire College [...]

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Tomorrow By Midnight

Art reflects the human experience, and film is art—at least, it is occasionally. We go to the movies to see idealized and stylized depictions of our world. And let’s face it, we live in a violent world. Violence has long been an important element of cinema. It’s a primal, visceral part of the human experience, [...]

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