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‘Silent Night,’ Senseless Night

This just in from the Not Another Pointless Remake desk: Malcolm McDowell, who apparently has tax problems or wants to add a hot tub to his pool or something, has signed to star in Silent Night, the forthcoming remake of 1984′s notorious Santa slasher flick, Silent Night, Deadly Night. Variety is reporting that Silent Night, [...]

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‘Suspicion,’ or Remaking Alfred Hitchcock

The hot new trend in Hollywood seems to be remakes of Alfred Hitchcock films. There are several headed our way and, hey, I get it. They are amazing movies! But rather than churn out inferior versions of Hitch’s masterpieces, wouldn’t it be better to just mount a series of new deluxe DVD reissues of the [...]

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The Titans Are Back, and They’re Pissed

We’re still catching up on all that the recent bout of holiday madness caused us to miss. Speaking of which, did you know there was a Wrath of the Titans trailer? Because there is. Wrath of the Titans is the sequel to Clash of the Titans, which was the remake of Clash of the Titans…wait, [...]

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