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‘Candy Land’ to Star Adam Sandler, of Course

Just the other day, we were talking about Universal Pictures growing a pair and refusing to do every embarrassing thing demanded by its shrewish wife, Hasbro, such as making a Stretch Armstrong movie or a Ouija board movie or, apparently, a Candy Land movie. To get even and show Universal that it’s still desirable, Hasbro [...]

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Universal Regains its Senses, Says No to ‘Stretch Armstrong’

It seems Universal Pictures is slowly breaking the spell cast upon it by Hasbro. You know, the spell that caused Universal to think that people wanted to see movies based on toys like Stretch Armstrong. And though it’s kind of sweet that Universal is reclaiming a little much-needed self-respect, it doesn’t mean we won’t eventually [...]

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‘The Crow’ Prepares to Fly

Just when it appeared The Crow would never again take flight, the wind has shifted and the remake of the 1994 cult favorite is now preparing to fly. After several personnel shakeups and various legal difficulties, The Crow is nearly ready to take wing. With F. Javier Gutierrez signing to direct a script by Jesse [...]

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