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The Asylum Emancipates Insanity in ‘Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies’

Those inmates running The Asylum stopped taking their medication long enough to choose their next target, and it’s a good one. In a few weeks, The Asylum starts production on Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, an “homage” to the still-in-production Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter from director Timur Bekmambetov. As you know, we’re big fans of The [...]

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Is ‘Birdemic: Shock and Terror’ the Next ‘Paranormal Activity’?

I see in The New York Times that there’s another low-budget sleeper making the rounds, people. I’m sure you remember last year’s Paranormal Activity, which came out of nowhere to become one of the more profitable flicks in recent memory. Made by first-time filmmaker Oren Peli over seven days for a reported $15,000, Paranormal Activity [...]

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A Little Help for Parabella Nigel: Saiko Saikik Witch Bitch

Writer and director Chad Clinton Freeman has a dream and he’d like your assistance in making it come true. His new project, Parabella Nigel: Saiko Saikik Witch Bitch, is in the planning stages, but it’s a little low on cash. So, Freeman is trying something novel to fund his film’s $16,666 budget: he’s looking for financing [...]

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