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Monster Nudie Double Feature—Kiss Me Quick/House on Bare Mountain

Today at Slammed & Damned, we hearken back to an earlier, more innocent period; a time of big hair, bare bosoms, bad impressions and worse puns. That’s right, it’s the era of the nudie cutie. And thanks to the depraved folks at Something Weird Video, fine purveyors of retro kitsch, we have a double feature [...]

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David F. Friedman—Trash Film Legend

Every true horror fan knows the film: Blood Feast. And most know its director: Herschell Gordon Lewis. But few of them are familiar with producer David F. Friedman, Lewis’ partner on Blood Feast and its two follow-ups, Two Thousand Maniacs! and Color Me Blood Red. Although Lewis helmed these seminal movies, Friedman’s input was equally [...]

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