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Now Playing at the House of Grind — The Victim

Last week, a suburban Alamo Drafthouse was transformed into a grubby inner-city grindhouse when SplatterFest, Houston’s leading horror festival, sponsored a special screening of Michael Biehn’s new down-and-dirty revenge thriller, The Victim. A gutsy throwback to the glory days of 42nd Street, The Victim is a flick that gleefully treads on dirty ground avoided by [...]

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Now Playing at the House of Grind—Repo Chick

In Repo Chick, ‘80s punk provocateur Alex Cox turns his attention to the state of contemporary society. Needless to say, he doesn’t like what he sees. And who can blame him. Even on the best of days, you have to admit it’s pretty grim out there. Told through the eyes of a Paris Hilton analogue, [...]

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Now Playing at the House of Grind—Machete

The legend of Machete looms large. Though he’s just a man, he’s many things to many people: devil, angel, lover, fighter, avenger, savior to the downtrodden. As dangerous with a weed whacker as with the weapon for which he is named, the former Mexican federale called Machete (Danny Trejo) has come to the U.S. illegally [...]

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Now Playing at the House of Grind—The Beyond

I’ve accepted the fact that Italian horror maestro Lucio Fulci and I have a strained relationship. It’s nothing personal. Although I appreciate his work, it rarely engages me emotionally. I know this makes me tragically uncool, but there it is. I’ve said it. Dario Argento and Mario Bava? I love those guys, but Fulci? We [...]

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