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Vampires Are the New Zombies

Forget about the zombie apocalypse. It appears to be time for the vampire renaissance. In the apparently never-ending battle for cultural superiority that rages constantly between vampires and zombies, the fanged ones are looking to move back ahead. I guess you really can’t keep a dead man down. Deadline (or should it be “Undeadline”?) is [...]

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The 2012 Oscar Nominations Are In – for those that still care

It’s time once again for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to distribute its meaningless awards for what are highly subjective cinematic efforts. This is the 84th time the Oscars have been handed out and it feels like I’ve been around for most of them, which might explain at least part of the [...]

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‘The Last Exorcism’ Sequel Is Ready Set Go!

Despite the title’s claim to the contrary, it wasn’t The Last Exorcism after all. That’s right, a sequel to the 2010 found-footage hit with the “what the fuck” ending starts filming next month in New Orleans. There’s no word on the official title yet, but I hope against hope they call it Probably Not the [...]

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