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Yawn for One, One for Yawn — The Three Musketeers (2011)

Hollywood has been repeatedly retelling the same classic tales almost since the beginning of filmmaking, and Paul W. S. Anderson’s new remake of The Three Musketeers illustrates why: No matter how hard a particular director might try, it’s hard to screw up a really good story. Alexander Dumas’ 1844 novel has been put to film dozens of [...]

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Lost (and Found) in Paradise—A Perfect Getaway

As the writer of screenplays like The Fugitive, Waterworld and Warlock, David Twohy has proven he knows his way around genre. As a writer/director of his own films, he’s been less successful. For every Pitch Black, there’s a The Chronicles of Riddick. He’s a bit exasperating, but he’s usually interesting. But with his latest flick, [...]

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