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Machete Kills Lady Gaga

Robert Rodriguez’s latest round of Machete Kills stunt casting finds Lady Gaga slipping into her acting corset to assay the role of La Chameleón, a character for which she seems utterly perfect (because Gaga always looks different) and completely wrong (because no matter how much she changes her appearance, Gaga is still absolutely identifiable). And, [...]

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‘Machete Kills’ Casting News

Robert Rodriguez is putting together quite a cast for Machete Kills, the second installment of the proposed trilogy starring Danny Trejo as the Mexican Federales/folk hero/lover of many women named Machete. And while Rodriguez might not be getting precisely everyone he wants, those he is getting are pretty good. Trejo is returning, of course, as [...]

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Machete to Hack His Way Back

Machete might not text, but apparently he does sequel. According to Machete star and professional badass Danny Trejo, director Robert Rodriguez has written the next chapter of the Machete mythos. On a related note, the Man is already cowering and ERs are now preparing for the influx of mutilated minions Machete’s rampaging return will almost [...]

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