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A Little Help for Parabella Nigel: Saiko Saikik Witch Bitch

Writer and director Chad Clinton Freeman has a dream and he’d like your assistance in making it come true. His new project, Parabella Nigel: Saiko Saikik Witch Bitch, is in the planning stages, but it’s a little low on cash. So, Freeman is trying something novel to fund his film’s $16,666 budget: he’s looking for financing [...]

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As a writer that covers the horror beat, I am woefully uneducated about the adventures of America’s legendary psycho killer, Ed Gein. Sure, I know the basics: he lived with his mom; he dug her up after she died; he dug up other corpses and killed people, repurposing their skin and bones. I also know [...]

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When I interviewed writer/actor Trent Haaga, he described Deadgirl as “The River’s Edge meets A Simple Plan with a zombie sex slave.” And now that I’ve seen it, I have to admit that’s a pretty apt description. After making the rounds on the festival circuit, garnering mega-buzz and dividing audiences wherever it played, Deadgirl is [...]

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Basket Case

“What’s in the basket?” That’s the question asked over and over again in Basket Case, director Frank Henenlotter’s  horror cult classic. And, granted, it’s a fair question.  Actually, I’m still not sure of the answer. Duane Bradley (Kevin Van Hentenryck) is a seemingly nice enough young man—he’s polite, soft spoken, with a bit of a lisp—and [...]

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