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A Wild, Wild Ride — Planet of the Vampire Women

The folks at Trash Film Orgy, that fine purveyor of micro-budget exploitation fare such as Cheerleaders From Hell and Monster From Bikini Beach, have returned to the screen with Planet of the Vampire Women, their latest piece of campy craziness. Planet of the Vampire Women is a veritable effects extravaganza, and though it doesn’t work [...]

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‘Re-Animator: The Musical’ Knocking ‘Em Dead

Movie fans have long loved director Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator, renowned for its twisted sense of humor and copious gore. Now, this horror gem is gaining a whole new audience. Gordon has recently taken his 1985 cult classic and, ahem, re-animated it as Re-Animator: The Musical, a tune-filled stage production that’s been packing them in since [...]

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Jawara Duncan—Making movies and telling stories

It’s time for another look at the cast of Trash Film Orgy’s upcoming horror spectacular, Planet of the Vampire Women. A couple of months ago, Slammed & Damned spoke with the lovely lunatic Liesel Hanson. Today, the subject is Jawara Duncan, master of stage, screen and video games—yes, Jawara is the living definition of Renaissance man. [...]

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Liesel Hanson—Nutball crazy woman

As I mentioned HERE a couple of months ago, those crazies at Trash Film Orgy are in the midst of filming their next feature, Planet of the Vampire Women. As evidenced by the teaser trailer below, this is going to be a very cool flick. I’ve been told by a confidential source that TFO is [...]

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