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Back to Basics—The Invisible Man

By 1933, Universal Studios had become a veritable fear factory, thanks to the efforts of production head Carl Laemmle Jr. After the amazing profits earned from Dracula, Frankenstein and The Mummy, he was eager to find Universal’s next horror property. Carl Junior had been trying to get a Frankenstein sequel off the ground, but director [...]

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A 2-Year-Old’s Perspective—King Kong (1933)

When I sat down to watch the original version of King Kong this morning, my 2-year-old son crawled up on the couch and planted himself in my lap. Even at his young age, he knows well the signals of a movie that’s about to start—the quiet before the storm, the swelling music. He loves the [...]

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For the inaugural post in Slammed & Damned’s new semi-occasional, random, intermittent, sporadic, recurrent “Why Do I Own This?” series, in which I view a movie I own but have never watched, I’ve chosen a low-budget, 2006 flick called Abominable. I don’t even remember buying this movie, but apparently I did. Let’s see if we [...]

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