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Special Screening Alert: You Need to See ‘There’s Nothing Out There’

If you live in Los Angeles and haven’t made weekend plans yet, we just got word of a cool upcoming event you should absolutely check out. On Saturday, May 26, director Rolfe Kanefsky‘s first flick, There’s Nothing Out There, is being screened at the New Beverly Cinema. I know what you’re thinking: “What’s so special [...]

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Doing Time With Rolfe Kanefsky #1

There’s Nothing Out There looks like a pretty complicated film for a first-time director. What had you done to prepare yourself for the scope of a full-length feature? Well, luckily, I became obsessed with films at the age of four when I discovered Abbott and Costello movies. I’ve always loved comedy and was really drawn [...]

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There’s Nothing Out There

Have you heard the one about the horror fan who, based on the movies he’s seen, constantly predicts the terrible things that are going to happen to his group of friends? No, I’m not referring to the famous 1996 Wes Craven/Kevin Williamson vehicle Scream. I’m talking about the little-known 1992 Rolfe Kanefsky vehicle There’s Nothing [...]

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