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May the Force Be Damned — George Lucas Is Dicking with ‘Star Wars’ Again

The announcement of another new DVD release of the Star Wars saga can mean only one thing. That’s right, there’s another whole new batch of pointless George Lucas alterations for fans to howl about. On September 16, Blu-ray editions of all six live-action Star Wars flicks will be released (though after all the revisionist CGI tomfoolery Lucas [...]

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Little Girl Lost—Sucker Punch

I had not planned to write about Sucker Punch, Zack Snyder’s latest offering. After viewing it, I left the theater impressed by its visual brio, but overall underwhelmed. Full of spectacular yet dry set pieces, my one-line was “a big, loud, beautiful mess.” I assigned Snyder points for execution, though none for conception, after which [...]

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Doing Time With Rolfe Kanefsky #2

There’s Nothing Out There was your calling card in a way. It got you in the door. Once you got in the door, what did you do next? Tomorrow By Midnight came a few years later. What did you do in the meantime? Well, while we were finishing Nothing, I went back to Hampshire College [...]

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