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The Big Bad

Movies like The Big Bad frustrate me. It’s clear there’s talent involved, but in service of what? The filmmakers obviously had some cool ideas, but they’ve been stitched together in such a way that we’re not provided an emotional context, and by the time we are provided one, it’s too late. Think about it like [...]

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I’ve Seen Devi Snively’s Shorts—Have you?

Devi Snively has led several lives over the years. She’s worked as a translator, writer, editor, ballerina, adjunct professor…you know, the usual stuff. But all that life experience is taking a backseat to her latest career choice: filmmaker. While Snively has done a little bit of everything, it’s her work in the cinematic arts that [...]

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Susan Adriensen—Follow the beat of your own drummer

Susan Adriensen might just be the busiest woman around.  Not only is she a writer, producer, director, cinematographer and actor—she also runs a production company and leads Mingle Mangle, a New York collective of horror filmmakers and fans. She recently made her feature debut with Under the Raven’s Wing, a psychological thriller that tells the [...]

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