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Another, Lesser Giant Worm Movie—Mongolian Death Worm

There’s a lot going on in Mongolian Death Worm, the underachieving Syfy original movie directed by Steven R. Monroe. Is it the story of a self-described “scoundrel” hunting for treasure? Or is it the tale of a dedicated doctor trying to save a village from pestilence? Or is it the account of oil exploration run [...]

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Bait and Switch—Sella Turcica

Fred Vogel has gained a reputation as one of independent horror’s most notorious filmmakers. With movies like The Redsin Tower and the August Underground series, Vogel and his production house, Toetag Pictures, have become synonymous with graphic, controversial fare, which makes Vogel’s latest project, Sella Turcica, somewhat puzzling to me. I came to Sella Turcica [...]

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Cydne Schulte—Live each day with gratitude

What does it takes to make a career in Hollywood these days? Cydne Schulte is a woman that seems to have the answer to that question. As the star of Terrence Williams’ rape/revenge flick The Hood Has Eyez, Cydne plays a girl driven to murder, and it’s definitely a role that allows her to stretch [...]

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Terrence Williams—Ahead of the game

Actor, writer, director, producer—Terrence Williams has done a bit of everything over the years.  A self-described guerilla filmmaker, Williams and his wife, Nicole, run an independent production company called Cinema Threat Productions in Los Angeles.  I caught up with Terrence in 2007 to talk about his film The Hood Has Eyez.  Before we talk about [...]

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