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Brett Ratner to Mount ‘Hercules’ (but Not That Way)

You can relax. Your prayers have been answered. Brett Ratner is finally going to make that Hercules flick he’s been talking about for what seems like ages. I ask you, ironically, can you think of a better director for a movie about Hercules, a figure with a more than tangential relationship to the campier elements [...]

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Will The CW’s Green Arrow Series Hit the Mark?

The CW is headed back to the comics. Once the home of Superman series Smallville, The CW is revisiting DC’s roster for Arrow, based on the crime-fighting archer Green Arrow. Why the “Green” was dropped, I don’t know. Maybe it didn’t test well. Though both shows share a network, Arrow is said to be completely [...]

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Odd Ends

How’s it going, guys? This post is just a catch-up/check-in kinda thing. I have a few odds and ends to pass on about whatever. You know, a clear-the-decks deal. Also, I’ve seen a few different flicks lately, horror and otherwise, that don’t really warrant a full review, so I’m just going to give you some [...]

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