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Near Dark

In her 1987 film, Near Dark, Kathryn Bigelow pulls off a neat trick.  She combines a romantic fable with a violent, bloody vampire tale and tops it off with a touch of western—and somehow it all works. Written by Bigelow and Eric Red (best known for Body Parts and the original version of The Hitcher), [...]

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Murder Party

It sounds almost too good to be true—a movie lampooning New York’s self-involved underground art scene that is actually made by members of New York’s self-involved underground art scene. And yet, here it is: Murder Party. Written and directed in 2007 by Jeremy Saulnier, Murder Party is very much a group project. Coming from an [...]

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Basket Case

“What’s in the basket?” That’s the question asked over and over again in Basket Case, director Frank Henenlotter’s  horror cult classic. And, granted, it’s a fair question.  Actually, I’m still not sure of the answer. Duane Bradley (Kevin Van Hentenryck) is a seemingly nice enough young man—he’s polite, soft spoken, with a bit of a lisp—and [...]

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