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Has anyone else noticed David Bowie’s odd resemblance to Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein’s monster?     ~               ~Theron Neel

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Do It Yourself

The future is now!   ~Theron Neel

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‘Frankenweenie’ Rises From the Grave

Once upon a time, there was an animator named Tim Burton. Little Tim was quite talented and, so, he was snatched up by the wicked conglomerate known as Disney, who promised him great things. Sadly, the iniquitous multinational’s true colors were presently revealed when poor Tim was let go for making a short scary kids’ [...]

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It’s Hammer Time

Today, we’re going to take a break from Universal Studios horror to hop the pond for a visit with Universal’s spiritual (or should I say “infernal”) cousin in terror, Hammer Films. All month long, it’s been “Hammer Horror” night every Friday on TCM. Sadly, tonight is the final group of films—but it’s a really good [...]

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