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I Want to Live in ‘Corman’s World’

It’s hard to overestimate Roger Corman’s significance. As the director of low-budget fare like It Conquered the World and Creature from the Haunted Sea, Corman is often regarded as a schlockmeister. And though that may be true, Corman is also a groundbreaking filmmaker without whom the landscape of contemporary cinema would look very different. Thankfully, [...]

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Coppola’s Cinematic Nightmare — Twixt

It all started with a dream. Well, a nightmare actually. Francis Ford Coppola’s next film, Twixt, was delivered to him from his subconscious and, fittingly, concerns itself with art and the metaphysical act of creation. If that sounds too pretentious for your tastes, worry not. There are also vampires. The man who gave us The Godfather and Apocalypse [...]

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