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The ‘Ted’ Trailers: Better Late than Never?

I try to keep up with the trailers for all the upcoming movies I think you might be interested in, and I usually do a pretty good job. But it can be a bit overwhelming at times — especially in the summer months, when studios are releasing as many films as possible in an effort [...]

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Have a Drink with ‘Martini Mom & Devil Spawn’

It’s official, my friends: The bar is now open. The first episode of writer/director Devi Snively’s sparkling new web series, Martini Mom & Devil Spawn, has been posted and it is indeed a strange brew. Poor Rosemary. All she wants is a drink and a smile, but an ill-advised one-night stand provides oh so much [...]

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Talkin’ and Trippin’ with Devi Snively

Thanks to a string of award-winning short films, Devi Snively has become something of a darling on the film-fest circuit, garnering a reputation as a filmmaker’s filmmaker. While this underground renown hasn’t translated to aboveground fame for the auteur, this might soon change thanks to the April 10 release of Snively’s first feature, Trippin’, in [...]

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