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Alice Cooper and the Scariest Song I Know

It’s surprising how well I remember November 24, 1972. Actually, I don’t recall the whole day—just about a half hour or so. But those thirty minutes are pretty much seared into my brain. That was the first time I saw the band Alice Cooper. It was the premiere of ABC’s music show In Concert, which [...]

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We Hate to Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Argh! In celebration of Elvis Presley’s 75th birthday, it’s All Elvis, All Day on Turner Classic Movies. Essentially, this means I will get nothing done today. Elvis movies are like crack to me. I sit down at 7 am to watch a few minutes of the King and suddenly it’s 4 pm and I’m a [...]

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B Movies—A primer

A history of B movies from their origin to the current day.

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