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What’s Old Is New Again — Rewind This!

We’re living in the digital age, my friends, where media exists in a cloud and has no actual physical form. But you would never know it, based on the enthusiastic SXSW audience that packed the beautiful Paramount Theatre yesterday for the premiere of Rewind This!, a wonderful documentary on the video tape boom of the [...]

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Elvira—The Vamp of Camp Returns Tonight

Yes, tonight is the night you’ve been waiting for. After way too many years and even more tears, Movie Macabre returns, featuring that ghoul who makes ya drool, the hot horror honey who’s in it for the money, the hostess with the mostest…talent on TV. That’s right, I can only be referring to the one, the [...]

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And There was Much Rejoicing—The return of Elvira

As you probably know by now, campy horror hostess Elvira—yes, that lassie with the classy chassis—is returning to television on a regular basis. While she’s become a ubiquitous brand over the past couple of decades, Elvira hasn’t had a TV show since the mid-1980s. But on September 25, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (and queen [...]

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