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Reyna Young—Making it up as she goes

You never know what you can do until you try. And if you don’t believe it, allow me to introduce you to one Ms. Reyna Young. Once upon a time, Reyna decided she wanted to be a filmmaker, so she started a production company and she made a film. And then she made another…and another…and…well, [...]

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Elske McCain—Ready for anything

You’ve no doubt heard that you can’t judge a book by its cover. If you don’t believe it, see actress/filmmaker Elske McCain. At first glance, Elske is the ultimate horror vixen—all lush body and sultry stare. But talk with her for a few minutes and you begin to see the truth: Elske is actually a [...]

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Matthew Reel—Loving the bomb

Indie film director Matthew Reel is a man of many talents. Writer, artist, vocalist—it’s hard to pin him down. Drawing on influences as diverse as Kenneth Anger and Herschell Gordon Lewis, Reel’s films are deeply personal visions. Jessicka Rabid, his recent collaboration with actress Elske McCain, might be his most controversial project yet. I sat [...]

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Trent Haaga—Expanding his horizons

A chat with actor/writer Trent Haaga.

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