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‘Hemlock Grove’ Is Live…For Now

Netflix’s third foray into the original programming arena has gone live. And this time, it’s horror…or horrible, depending on who you ask. Following crime dramedy Lilyhammer and political drama House of Cards, Netflix’s  latest series is Hemlock Grove, a supernatural thriller about weird occurrences in small-town Pennsylvania, produced by Eli Roth and starring Famke Janssen, [...]

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Their Vagina Isn’t Their Resume: The Women of ‘American Mary’

It’s well known that Austin’s Fantastic Fest is as much a nerd party as it is a film festival. And that’s why American’s best genre fest was the perfect place for the U.S. premiere of American Mary, Jen and Sylvia Soska’s extraordinary new film starring Katharine Isabelle.

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Ti West to Take ‘The Sacrament’

Last we heard, Ti West was settling in to direct Liv Tyler in a psycho-thriller called The Side Effect. But, apparently, that’s not happening now. Worldview Entertainment, the independent production house who recently brought us the kickass Killer Joe, has announced that West will be helming a horror flick titled The Sacrament, which starts shooting [...]

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Enjoy the Horrors of Vegas with Eli Roth

Actor, director, producer, writer, curator, close personal friend of Quentin Tarantino — Eli Roth wears many hats. Now comes word that the noted horror filmmaker has once again returned from the haberdasher. A personal note to Mr. Roth: Dude, nobody needs that many hats. Deadline is reporting that Roth has announced plans for Eli Roth’s [...]

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