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One of the Boys — Good Ol’ Freda

In the early 1960s, Freda Kelly became one of the most envied women in the world, and I bet you’ve never even heard of her. The subject of Good Ol’ Freda, a new documentary that premiered at SXSW 2013, Ms. Kelly shot to the top of the “right place, right time” list overnight when, almost [...]

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What’s Old Is New Again — Rewind This!

We’re living in the digital age, my friends, where media exists in a cloud and has no actual physical form. But you would never know it, based on the enthusiastic SXSW audience that packed the beautiful Paramount Theatre yesterday for the premiere of Rewind This!, a wonderful documentary on the video tape boom of the [...]

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The Real Me — Vampira and Me

These days, a lot of people know Vampira, the acerbic 1950s proto-goth horror hostess who briefly turned popular culture on its ear in Eisenhower America. But very few know Maila Nurmi, the actress who portrayed her. Now, filmmaker R. H. Greene seeks to remedy this sad situation with his absorbing new documentary, Vampira and Me, [...]

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Looking for ‘Wonder Women!’

When you think of famous superheroes, who comes to mind? Maybe Spider-Man or Superman? How about Batman and Iron Man? Of course, but do you notice anything about those names…like the word “man” perhaps? This sad state of affairs begs the question: Whither Wonder Woman? She’s been around as long as those guys, and had [...]

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