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Baba Yaga (aka Kiss Me Kill Me)

Well, we made it. It’s the last stop on Slammed & Damned’s whirlwind European tour. We’ve seen four Euro horror films in four days. And while we haven’t seen all that much of Europe, we have seen four very different styles of Euro horror. First, it was Devil’s Nightmare, a slightly sleazy Belgian/Italian film. Then [...]

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Kill, Baby…Kill!

Here we are on day three of Slammed & Damned’s Euro Horror Week, during which we’re taking a look at the flicks in a DVD four-pack called Blood Bath. If you remember, we began in Italy 1971 and then shot over to Spain 1982. Now we’re back in Italy again. Even though we seem to [...]

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Welcome to the second stop on Slammed & Damned’s European tour. Yesterday, Euro Horror Week began in Italy, with an exciting visit to Devil’s Nightmare. Today, we hop over to Spain for a 1982 slasher-fest called Pieces (aka Mil gritos tiene la noche), a somewhat notorious film in certain circles. No less an authority than director [...]

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Devil’s Nightmare

We kick off Euro Horror Week with a 1971 Belgian/Italian flick for which details are fuzzy and information is hard to come by, even though it seems to be somewhat popular. As so often happens with low-budget foreign horror movies from the 1970s, this movie has a plethora of titles. On the DVD box, it’s [...]

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