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As a writer that covers the horror beat, I am woefully uneducated about the adventures of America’s legendary psycho killer, Ed Gein. Sure, I know the basics: he lived with his mom; he dug her up after she died; he dug up other corpses and killed people, repurposing their skin and bones. I also know [...]

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Sinners and Saints

Considering all the obstacles faced in making Sinners and Saints (2004), it’s a wonder it was ever completed.  Filmed off and on over a period of three years, this phantasmagoric horror/kung fu/exploitation hybrid was made on a tiny budget, with everyone involved pitching in to do all they could to get the movie finished.  Whether [...]

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The Toolbox Murders

The killer buys his supplies at the hardware store in this seminal 1978 horror show.

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