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Are You Ready to Reenter the ‘Forbidden Zone’?

Although I now look back on them with a nostalgic affection, in reality the 1980s were a grim time, filled with parachute pants, the Brat Pack and Ronald Reagan. Granted, there were a few bright spots and one of the brightest was director Richard Elfman’s surrealistic 1982 freakout known as Forbidden Zone. Perceived by many [...]

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Another, Lesser Giant Worm Movie—Mongolian Death Worm

There’s a lot going on in Mongolian Death Worm, the underachieving Syfy original movie directed by Steven R. Monroe. Is it the story of a self-described “scoundrel” hunting for treasure? Or is it the tale of a dedicated doctor trying to save a village from pestilence? Or is it the account of oil exploration run [...]

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Devi Rolls Another Unlike the Others—trippin’

Devi Snively is a sly filmmaker of considerable skill and talent, but she knows she’s standing on the shoulders of giants. For the film fan, her flicks are often a game of spot the shot. While watching her work, I’ve picked up clever nods to several filmmakers, including David Lynch, Tobe Hooper and even Alejandro [...]

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Rena Riffel—On a path of inspiration

It could be said that actress Rena Riffel was born to be in showbiz. Rena started appearing in commercials as an infant and soon graduated to the stage. Before long, she was modeling and appearing in films. Her first major role was as Penny/Hope in Paul Verhoeven’s notorious Showgirls. Since then, she’s done a little [...]

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