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Follow the Yellow Brick Raimi — Oz the Great and Powerful

The land of Oz has been visited on screen many times since its creation in 1900 by author L. Frank Baum. But not since Judy Garland’s visit in 1939 has this fantastical realm been rendered as magically as it is in Sam Raimi’s Oz the Great and Powerful. Of course, it takes more than great [...]

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Are You Ready to Reenter the ‘Forbidden Zone’?

Although I now look back on them with a nostalgic affection, in reality the 1980s were a grim time, filled with parachute pants, the Brat Pack and Ronald Reagan. Granted, there were a few bright spots and one of the brightest was director Richard Elfman’s surrealistic 1982 freakout known as Forbidden Zone. Perceived by many [...]

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