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Cydne Schulte—Live each day with gratitude

What does it takes to make a career in Hollywood these days? Cydne Schulte is a woman that seems to have the answer to that question. As the star of Terrence Williams’ rape/revenge flick The Hood Has Eyez, Cydne plays a girl driven to murder, and it’s definitely a role that allows her to stretch [...]

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Terrence Williams—Ahead of the game

Actor, writer, director, producer—Terrence Williams has done a bit of everything over the years.  A self-described guerilla filmmaker, Williams and his wife, Nicole, run an independent production company called Cinema Threat Productions in Los Angeles.  I caught up with Terrence in 2007 to talk about his film The Hood Has Eyez.  Before we talk about [...]

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The Hood Has Eyez

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  And rarely has a woman been more scorned than Kimmy Valencia, the protagonist in Terrence Williams’ new flick, The Hood Has Eyez.  But don’t worry about Kimmy; she can take care of herself. In the tradition of exploitation classics such as The Last House on the Left [...]

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Curse of La Llorona

A young woman, Hana, is passed out, naked, in a bath full of crimson water—her wrists slit and a bloody razor blade resting on edge of the tub. She is found by Sonia (Cydne Schulte), who goes for help. As Sonia makes her way through the house, she discovers a dead man hanging from the [...]

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